Mix color, whimsy, and femininity - and that’s where you’ll always find me. On most days, my desk will have a simple vase of fresh flowers, a tear-sheet from Kate Spade’s latest collection, and perhaps a classic quote from Coco Chanel…add a snippet of double faced satin in a rich, bold red or pink and I’m a happy girl. I love drawing on all this beauty to creating my own unique lovelies and I’m proud to say it’s been my dream job for thirty years.

Like many artists, hours can slip by while I swoon over the newest fonts, pantones, or fashion forecasts and I use this inspiration to constantly innovate my work. I’ve created for clients ranging from a children’s boutique clothing line to luxe weddings and even a modern running apparel brand, but my goal is always to translate the trending moods and colors into unique, never-been–seen before concepts using the highest quality materials.

Although I often dream of working from a classic artist’s loft in Manhattan, the truth is I adore my light-filled, make shift studio in our house in Colorado. It’s a creative sanctuary in a house filled with busy boys and on some particularly lucky days, they’ll even bring me a romantic lyric from a new song they heard to use on one of my pieces. Getting to be a mom and an artist simply can’t be beat.

With The First Snow I am thrilled to marry all the influences I have always loved with my incurable romanticism to create little bits of joy and wonder for your wedding or home. I hope they bring you as much delight as I have in crafting them!

Warmest, Darah

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